Daniel K

With her help the entire process was quick and painless.


— Daniel K

Chris G

She was very organized and attentive to details.She was also very very very honest and trustworthy. And we are very much happy with our new residency.


— Chris G.

Von G

Chris was very honest and very trustful.


— Von G.

Khoa N

The house that was shown to us had everything we wanted and then some. How Chris managed to find it is pure sorcery to me.


— Khoa N.‚Äč

Wanda S

Chris was very honest and forthright and I truly appreciate her! I am very happy with my house. I used many of the referrals Chris knew and I was happy with them -- the inspector and lending company especially. I would definitely recommend Chris to...


— Wanda S.

Levi G

Chris spoke her mind and watched out for our needs on houses which made us feel very much protected.


— Levi G.

Sarah W

She was always willing to do whatever it took to get us into the right house. And she did!


— Sarah W.

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